Private equity

Leveraging from capital to get stronger companies

As active shareholders, we invest both time and money in a mix of companies from startups and early stage ventures to growth stage companies that require financial capital and sometimes operating human capital. Therefore, we play a strategic role in companies we invest in as strategic advisors or participate as board members.

Private Equity gives the opportunity for the highest return on investment among the other asset classes. Our due diligence (3S) is mainly divided into the following criteria:

  1. Strong Management Team: experience, knowledge and network
  2.  Solid Financials: past, current and projected
  3. Strategic Solution: response to an essential need

We share our investment opportunities with our large international network of partners and investors. We work with private individuals, financial institutions, private bankers and family offices. We are looking at a scalable and profitable business model and pay particularly attention to residual incomes.

Time Horizon: Our approach toward return on investments varies from medium to long term. We understand that a business needs time and energy to grow. We are strategic and loyal shareholders and always act for the best interest of the company in the long run.
Risk: We balance the risk associated with investing in ventures with the indispensable issue the company is solving. We are looking for innovative, technological and sustainable oriented companies.
Strategy: We appreciate the first mover’s advantage in a market and are looking for a business model, a team, and a solution that will give the companies we select an unfair advantage among its competitors. We tend to privilege companies that provide concrete solutions to face global issues that cannot be avoided.
Decision-making: We grant as much importance to facts and statistics in our due diligence process as our instinct regarding the Management team and the economic challenge solved by the company.

Our investments span a wide range of industries – automotive, new technologies, Biotech, Financial technology, financial services and Real Estate around the globe.